Water is Life, do not compromise Home RO Water Purifiers
Is your water safe to drink ? Introducing Yash Water Net… the next evolution in whole home water purification. Because purification of water is a way to enjoy healthy life. Water is the essence of life, yet it is the one resource in our world that continues to deteriorate...
Yash Water Net
What can do for your family?
Filters out impurities from your water as miniscule as 0.0001 micron aquatech … adding health to your lifeTM Why pay more for plastic jars and colorful labels that's squeeze your wallet every day. Switch to yash water net Institutional RO Water System, make your own bottled mineral water and save money!
for domestic use starting range 15 lph ro system
RO 25 LPH,50 lph,100 lph,250 lph,500 lph to 10000 lph
 aquatech  RO Advantage  Features & Specifications
 1. For Purity, Health, Taste, Convenience &  Economical to use
 2. Convenience of bottled water within your own premises.
 3. No more risk of purchasing spurious bottled water.
 4. No more hassles of stocking and carrying of bottles.
 5. With your own RO system running pure water 24 hrs a day, you can have as much as pure water all you want, at the touch of the finger. Free to use fresh, clear & safe drinking water
 1.  Capacity: 30±3 ltrs/hr† .
 2.  Compact Instituiotional RO System with Automatic Flushing.
 3.  Consist with 1 no. of DY 250 GPD booster pump and 3 nos .of DOW   FilmTec RO Membranes.
 4.  For an Institutional size of 20 to 50 persons.
 5.  Duty cycle 250 ltrs/day i.e 6~8 hrs/day
 6.  TDS Rejection†: 93±3%
 7.  Permissible input water quality† (TDS Max.): 2000 ppm
50 LPH
 aquatech  RO Advantage  Features & Specifications
 1.  For an institutional size of 25 to 100 persons.
AQUARIUS Mini,medium and high capacity Water softener is easy to install and can be wall mounted next to the washing machine/ dishwasher/ geyser
•  Due to its compact design, it can be fitted easily to all types of household appliances
•  Equipped with a unique valve, it can be regenerated in minutes
•  There is no need to call a technician for putting salts
•  AQUARIUS MINI softner's Easy Regeneration Technology
To regenerate, all you have to do is to put special regeneration salt (marketed by aquatech) in the upper chamber of the softener. The salt regenerates the resin beads installed in the purifier. These resin beads then convert hard water into soft water by exchanging hard salts of Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium. The regeneration is required after treating 500-1000 ltrs of hard water (based on hardness of water)
How a best water softner works?
Calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ions that cause water hardness can be removed by using an ion exchange procedure. Water softeners are Cation exchange devices. Cations refer to positively charged ions. Cation exchange involves the replacement of the hardness ion with a non-hardness ion. Salt-based water softeners use sodium (Na+) as the exchange ion. Sodium ions are supplied from dissolved sodium chloride salt, also called brine. In the ion exchange process, sodium ions are used to coat an exchange medium in the softener. The exchange medium can be natural “zeolites” or synthetic resin beads that resemble wet sand. As hard water passes through a water softener, the calcium and magnesium trade places with sodium ions. Sodium ions are held loosely and are easily replaced by calcium and magnesium ions. During this process free sodium ions are released to the water. After softening a large quantity of hard water the exchange medium becomes coated with calcium and magnesium ions. When this occurs, the exchange medium must be recharged or regenerated. To recharge the softener with sodium ions, a salt based water softener is back flushed with a salt brine solution. During a back flush the brine solution replaces the calcium and magnesium ions on the exchange medium with sodium ions from the salt solution. The time between recharging cycles depends on the hardness of the water, the amount of water used, the size of the salt water softener unit, and the capacity of the exchange media to remove hardness.
Why RO Systems?
1)  90% of diseases in the world are water born or related.
2)  Diarrhoea kills more young children, than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.
3)  Every day, four thousand children die of water - related diseases
Industrial RO Systems
YASHWATERNET designs, manufacturers, install and provides after sales service for Industrial RO water treatment plants.
We design plants as per water analysis report & customer’s requirement. We have supplied many industrial plants for various institutions including corporate offices,  hospitals and
We have 60 trained technicians amongst our group companies to look after all the industrial plants that are supplied by us.
We are committed to attend any service complaint, big or small, and solve it within the promised time.
Our wide range of Industrial Ro plants includes ready made and tailor made Ro plant and water vending machines.
Features of Industrial Ro systems:
Produce 10000 liter pure water per hour
Backwashing and maintenance free
Automatic memory function
Stainless steel powder coated body
Auto flush indicator light
Tank full indicator light
Digital controller
 FILTER          :
Sediment Pre The porosity of 5 micron is effective in removing dirt, rust, dust sediments, sand & solid suspended particles from the water. Granular Activated Carbon Filter It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and co lour. Carbon block Filter Post Carbon Filter It Produce quality of the final drinking water.
 MEMBRANE : 75 gpd RO T.F.C. Membrane. which can eliminate 90 to 95% of the chemical & micro-biological impurities.
 PUMP           : 1.6 Lpm Pressure Pump
 CAPACITY OF MEMBRANE : TFC Membrane produces 15 liters per hour final Purified water & rejects 95 % of the impurities in the waste water line.
 Storage Tank : NFS Grade storage tank stores purified water.
 Features :
Sediment Pre - Filter Features Granular Activated Carbon Filter The porosity of 5 micron is effective in removing dirt, rust, dust sediments, sand & solid suspended particles from the water. Granular activated carbon filter where in the carbon granular are silver impregnated which takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and co lour.
Carbon block Filter Features 75 gpd RO T.F.C. Membrane It absorbs the organic matter, co lour, and odor and dissolved gases like chlorine from the water which is left out from GAC filter. The Reverse Osmosis element, a thin film composite ,(TFC) high quality, semi-permeable membrane made- up of polyamide with a micron porosity of 0.0001 which can eliminate 90 to 95% of the chemical & micro-biological impurities like total dissolved solids , bacteria ,viruses & progeny through the waste water outlet & can give a highly pure & safe potable drinking water in result.
Post Carbon Filter This filter rejects the objectionable taste and odor to enhance the quality of the final drinking water. We are using NSF approved post carbon to guarantee the taste of water.

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